The Seychelles Islands – One-in-a-lifetime refuge from a Frantic World.


Since the time of its separation from Gondwana until the present day, Seychelles has remained all but untouched by the ravages of modern living and its everincreasing pressures.
Being literally ‘a thousand miles from anywhere’ and settled less than 250 years ago, has allowed Seychelles to retain its ecological integrity, its breathtaking natural beauty and much of its innocence.

For this reason, Seychelles has been branded ‘another world’ in recognition of one of the most pristine natural environments on the planet whose numerous attributes together represent a powerful antidote to the demands of everyday living.

Among these are what are widely regarded as the world’s most stunning and uncrowded beaches fringed by the warm, crystal waters of the Indian Ocean. Imposing granite boulders stand like sentinels guarding the timeless national treasures of the spectacular strands of La Digue Island’s Anse Source D’Argent, Praslin’s magnificent Anse Lazio and many others besides.

Variety exists in more than just islands. Today, Seychelles continues to be a sanctuary for a unique array of flora and fauna that includes some of the most exotic and rarest specimens on earth. Counted among their ranks are the Coco-de-mer, the world’s heaviest nut that appears in the perfect form of the female pelvis, the Seychelles Black Parrot that inhabits the primeval vallée de Mai, the Seychelles Magpie robin that has been rescued from the brink of extinction and the Jellyfish tree, of which only a handful remain in existence.

Last, but not least, is the opportunity for visitors to savour true barefoot elegance among the islands and the welcoming people who populate them. Another treasure not to be missed is the delicious Seychellois Creole cuisine – a sublime blend of eastern and western culinary traditions incorporating elements of European, Indian and Chinese kitchen and making full use of the bounty of the surrounding ocean.

Few destinations on earth are able to offer a holiday experience so inextricably linked to the easeful rhythms of island living and to the culinary traditions and vibrant customs of a people who choose to live close to their roots. This is a place to do as little or as much as you like, either kicking back to enjoy the finest sun, sea and sand holiday on earth or indulging in some world class diving, sailing & cruising, sport fishing, trekking, golf, spa treatments, zip-lining and horse riding.

All this and more besides is there for travellers to discover on the most beautiful islands on the planet.

Interview with AFSIC – Investing in Africa MD, Rupert McCammon

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