Connectivity in Seychelles

Seychelles has met these new demands by being the first in the Indian Ocean region to introduce the 5G network.
The rationale behind our many accomplishments is our ability to identify and adapt to market trends and ensure continual improvement through the strategic relationships we have built. We are also responsive to consumer behaviour, which significantly widens the gap between ourselves and our competitors. This has been achieved by a dedicated workforce that is 90 per cent Seychellois.
Cable & Wireless Seychelles made a name for itself as far back as 1893, when it became the first company to connect the Seychelles islands to the rest of the world – and it has stayed ahead of the league ever since. Now the Seychelles’ provider of choice, Cable & Wireless Seychelles is renowned for bringing reliable, state-of-the-art solutions to the islands. It offers fixed-line, mobile, TV and broadband internet services for residential customers, as well as bespoke solutions for businesses.
Reliability, innovation and convenience are at the heart of all major decisions. It was this that propelled Cable & Wireless Seychelles to become among the first to launch online payment platforms, introduce e-billing and upgrade the mobile networks to LTE – a strategic decision that enables us to boast the fastest internet speed in the country.
The 2016 Fibre to the Home (FTTH) initiative, which helped to provide a good range of connectivity across most households in Seychelles, was negatively impacted by the emergence of Covid-19; increased data consumption led to increasing traffic on existing lines, and customers’ demand for high-quality infrastructure multiplied. Cable & Wireless
Our journey has been phenomenal: we launched the first independent Creole TV channel, TéléSesel; through our corporate social responsibility programmes, we have given back to the community at large by supporting multiple causes; we have worked alongside many NGOs, and went green through our e-billing system; and we introduced an award-winning loyalty programme.
Being the sole quad-play provider has set us apart, but we are not complacent; at present we are redesigning our inter-customer relationship management (ICRM) system experience, partnering with global software companies to further streamline the user experience. Our objective is to guarantee an optimum customer experience and business continuity. For residential customers, unlimited internet data boosters have recently been launched for home broadband, while our B2B clients are transitioning from Direct Internet for Business (DIB) to Wi-Fibased internet, ensuring higher quality and bandwidth. Cable & Wireless Seychelles’ evolution never ceases, and customers can keep looking forward to more amazing offers in the future. ■TG
Francis Rachel Street, Victoria, Mahé Tel: (+248) 428 4000 Fax (+248) 432 2777

Telecommunications in Seychelles

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